The performance and application of magnesium hydroxide in pesticides

Research on Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. has shown that high -pore rates have biological activity of magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide products, and suspension containing biological activated magnesium hydroxide can be used for leaf surface treatment to inhibit various crops and insect pests, reduce farmersDependence on traditional pesticides does not affect crop yield or quality.Especially the effects of bilateral leaf mites in the inhibitory tomato and gourds (field crops and protective crops) are good.

The Magnesium hydroxide is alkaline, stable and high in concentration. It can kill bacteria quickly even in the absence of light, thus improving the chemical stability and enhancing the germicidal efficacy.

The Magnesium hydroxide not only has certain germicidal effect, but also has antibacterial effect. Especially in daily disinfection, the germicidal materials used in daily life have a pungent smell, the use of magnesium oxide to prepare antibacterial agents without any pungent smell, especially for people who are allergic to pungent smell, is a great benefit method. In addition to non-stimulating smell, but also has a long-lasting effect and low prices and other characteristics. For example, Magnesium hydroxide are widely recognized for their abrasion resistance and antibacterial properties when used in dental molds.

Magnesium hydroxide is a safe, non-toxic, stable and potentially antibacterial material. It is believed that the application of Magnesium hydroxide in sterilization will be more extensive in the future.

magnesium hydroxide_slurry

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