The magnesium oxide industry is fiercely competitive, and the development of high -end products such as pharmaceutical food is the key

China is the world’s largest magnesium oxide production and consumer. The production place is mainly concentrated in provinces such as Liaoning, Hebei, Qinghai and other provinces. Although my country is a major producer of magnesium oxide, it is restricted by resources, technology, funds, venues, cost control, etc. Many enterprises have backward production technology. There are many problems such as lack of high -end talents and insufficient self -innovation capabilities in enterprises.

Magnesium oxide enterprises should transform the industrial chain formation model, focusing on the market, and transform the traditional “supply and marketing mode” into an “inverting model for production”. The production enterprises of the downstream links of the industry should be introduced and constructed, and then the production of magnesium oxide products should be planned according to production needs. Conditional enterprises should form an industrial chain internally, so that the production of the product is intertwined, eliminating excess capacity, and maximizing benefits.

The magnesium oxide industry should pay attention to high -end development, do a good job of product transformation and upgrading, enrich and enhance product performance; promote product refined and dedicated development, focus on crystal control, and provide the foundation for downstream development; do a good job of product, production equipment, process control The upgrade and mechanization to automation and intelligence are upgraded; doing a good job of group standards, the original national standards can no longer represent the advanced level of the industry. Therefore, the formulation of group standards is conducive to increasing the industry’s dedicated magnesium oxide varieties and improved product quality. The scale of upstream and downstream enterprises has continued to expand, and a complete magnesium oxide industry chain has been initially formed.

From the perspective of market competition, the competition in my country’s magnesium oxide industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Large magnesium oxide manufacturers such as Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. have a high production and sales rate, in short product supply, and have expanded production capacity; small and medium -sized magnesium oxide manufacturers are facing survival dilemma due to high energy consumption, small scale, and poor-quality stability. need. In the future, in the process of industry integration and further market concentration, large magnesium oxide manufacturers will achieve better development with their scale, technology, brand and quality advantages.

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