The Magnesium hydroxide’s ability to suppress a methane-air mixture explosion

In order to study the inhibitory effect of green flame retardant-Magnesium hydroxide (Mg (OH)2) powder on methane explosion, a 20 L spherical explosion tank system was used to investigate the reduction of methane explosion pressure by Magnesium hydroxide powder, the optimum explosion suppression powder concentration was obtained. The mass concentration of powder increased by 50g/m ~ 3 in the experiment, and the same group of experiments were done 3 times.

The experimental results show that the Magnesium hydroxide can suppress the explosion power of methane to a certain extent, and the optimum concentration of the same concentration of methane is the same when the particle size is 0.085 μm and 1.3 μm respectively. MG (OH)2 powder with average particle size of 0.085 and 1.3 μm can decrease the explosion pressure of methane-air mixture with 7.0% methane by 13.48% and 10.92% , respectively, the optimum concentration of explosion-suppression powder is 175 ~ 225g/m3, and the explosion pressure of methane gas with volume fraction of 9.5% can be reduced by 25.42% and 19.48% , respectively. The optimum concentration of explosion-suppression powder is 225 ~ 275g/m3.

Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide
Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide

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