The invention relates to a magnesium oxide quantitative slurry adjusting device used for cobalt deposit production

This utility model discloses a magnesium -oxide measurement mixing device for cobalt -sinking, including: spiral feeder, magnesium oxide slurry groove, magnesium oxide paste transport pump, and cobalt reaction stirring groove.

The top of the magnesium oxide groove is a feed inlet on the top, and the lower part of the side wall is provided with a discharge port.The feed inlet of the magnesium oxide groove and the pipeline of the pipeline of the pipeline of the spiral governor is connected;The upper end of the cobalt -sinking stirring slot is provided with inlet liquid port. The inlet of the cobalt -sinking reaction stirring slot is connected to the outlet of the magotic oxide paste liquid transfer pump.

This practical new model can realize magnesium oxide uniformly, control the amount of magnesium oxide, and is conducive to formulating magnesium oxide paste according to the requirements of cobalt production.

High reactive magnesium oxide
High reactive magnesium oxide

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