The effect of magnesium oxide on the performance of catalyst at high temperature change catalyst

The reaction performance of the magnesium source has an important impact on the performance of the catalyst during the baking process of the CO-MO base of high temperature change catalyst.The effects of magnesium oxide Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and III are magnesium sources, and the effects of different magnesium oxide and magnesium oxide content have been studied on the performance of catalysts on CO-MO base high temperature changes.

Results show that the size and particle size of magnesium oxide grain particles affects its reaction performance with the integrated thin water aluminum and titanic acid. The smaller the grain size and granularity, the more conducive to forming magnesium aluminum spinel and magnesium titanium spinels.There is less magnesium oxide, which is conducive to improving the stability of the catalyst; the magnesium oxide content affects the strength and activity of the catalyst. Under the test conditions, as magnesium oxide levels increaseThe trend of change; when the mass score of magnesium oxide is 23%and 25%, the catalyst has good strength and activity.The catalyst prepared by magnesium oxide III as a magnesium source has higher stability than industrial catalysts.

High reactive magnesium oxide
High reactive magnesium oxide

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