The demand growth rate of magnesium oxide products in 2022

Magnesium oxide is a new high-tech industry encouraged by many countries. In our country, the development of magnesium oxide is supported by many national policies. With the development of technology and the increase of demand, MGO products are widely used in food, medicine and electronic materials. The demand of food-grade MGO and high-purity nano-grade mgo products is increasing rapidly.

The state announced that it will speed up the development of high-purity nano-magnesia varieties and focus on adjusting the structure of magnesium-containing products, and high-performance magnesia materials will be listed in the new material industry key product catalogue. We will promote the development and industrialization of high-end magnesium oxide products and accelerate the production and development of high-performance magnesium oxide products.

At the same time of policy support, the development of strategic emerging industries also provides space for the development of high-end magnesium oxide. With the rapid development of new industries such as new energy, electronic information and composite materials, the development of new application fields and policy guidance of mgo, as well as the improvement of production, processing and application level of mgo in China, the market application prospect of magnesium oxide products in our country is very broad.


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