The application of nano -magnesium oxide in various fields

Nano -magnesium oxide is a new type of high -function and finest inorganic material. The main types are nano powder, nano -film, nanos and nano -solids.Out of its special characteristics, it determines that it has different electrical, magnetic, thermal science and optical properties that are different from the body, and thus open up a series of new application areas.

1. The application of nano -magnesium oxide in sterilization materials

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. has found that nano -magnesium magnesium oxide has a high ratio area and has more lattice defects with positive charge. After adsorption of halogen gas, it can form a strong role with negative E. coli and spores. As a result, it shows high killing of bacteria, spores, and viruses. Compared with solid sterilizers such as silver oxide and silver -containing metal elements such as silver, silver -containing and copper. Etc.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. systematically studied the sterilization performance of nano-magnesium oxide, and the results showed that the magnesium oxide of 4-10nm had an unusual killing effect on a variety of viruses, bacteria and fungi The extermination effect is 100%), far better than the usual silver sterilization agent (within 60 minutes, the killing effect of bacteria is 100%); and nano -magnesium magnesium has a huge adsorption capacity for chlorine gas, which can adsorb a chlorine gas of 20%of its own weight. , Further strengthening sterilization.

Second, the application of nanometer magnesium oxide in nanomaline ceramics

Nano -magnesium can be used as sintering additives in ceramics. Nano -ceramic is made of static sintering or stress for nano -nano powder titanium oxide and aluminum oxide. However, due to the high surface of the nanow powder, the high surface activity and high crystal world can provide a higher driving force for the grown of the crystal. The auxiliary can effectively solve this problem. 5%of nano -magnesium oxide was mixed with nano oxide powder, and high -density ceramics were successfully made through non -stress sintering.

Third, the application of nano -magnesium oxide in the steelmaking industry

Nano -magnesium oxide is used in the steelmaking industry and can be used as an annealing isolation agent. When the silicon steel plate is annealing at high temperature, the performance of magnesium oxide on the silicon steel plate is directly related to the quality of the quality of the insulation film generated by the silicon steel plate surface of the silicon steel plate, but the factors that affect this performance are rarely reported to this day. It belongs to the patents of various countries. Analysis of magnesium oxide for foreign silicon steel plate coatings found that the average particle size of magnesium oxide used was 40-65nm, which belonged to nanowl powder.

Fourth, the application of nano -magnesium oxide in catalysts

As a catalyst for alkyl chloride, nano-oxide crystals can adsorb a large amount of CL2-magnesium oxide and magnesium oxide. On magnesium oxide nanocrystals, due to chlorine atoms and surface O2-anion shared electronic cloud density, chlorine gas will be solved when the chlorine gas will be solved when the chlorine gas will be solved When lying chemical adsorption, chlorine-like ions are buried, so CL2-magnesium oxide and calculates chemical reactivity is closer to chloride ions, and CL2-magnesium oxide and additives are more selective than chlorine atoms. The use of magnesium oxide with certain pre -processing can be used as catalysts, which can increase the rate of catalytic synthetic legal acetylene aceteraceteraitone processes from 80%to 95%. The aggregation of nano -magnesium magnesium oxygen also has a high catalytic activity of the polymerization of Shuangma Lamius (BMI).

Fifth, nanometer magnesium oxide as the application of additives

Nano -magnesium oxide can be used to create refractory materials such as light, sound insulation, heat insulation, refractory fiber plates such as wood chips and shavings. Compared with traditional phosphorus or halogen organic flame retardants It is an ideal additive to develop flame retardant fibers.

Nano -magnesium oxide also has excellent ability to block ultraviolet rays. It is a preferred material for developing functional cosmetics, fibers and clothes. In addition, nanometer magnesium and high pool or other materials have a good microwave absorption coefficient. It can not only be used as a filling material for cosmetics, fragrant powder, and paint Optical agent and so on.

In addition, nano -magnesium oxide, as a broadband gap insulation material, also has a very high secondary electronic transmission rate, which has very important applications in precision optical elements and semiconductor substrate materials.

Nano grade magnesium oxide
Nano grade magnesium oxide

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