The application of nano -magnesium oxide in textiles and masks

At present, the PM2.5 mask commonly used on the market can only filter particles with a diameter of 2.5 μm in the air, while the N95 mask can block 95%of particles with a diameter of 2.5 μm in the air. Viruses such as flu, Ebola, MERS can suspend the air in the air in the air.Among them, the diameter is generally between 60-140nm and the minimum diameter can reach 70-90nm.It can be seen through comparison that the PM2.5 mask cannot resist the invasion of the virus.If a new type of protective equipment can resist the invasion of nanoplasma, human infection rate will be greatly reduced.

Use the ultrasonic technology to add the surface of the fiber to the surface of the fiber, and the surface of nano -magnesium (antibacterial and flame retardant) of nano -magnesium magnesium oxide is formed on the surface, so that the fabric can filter 30 nanometer granules.This will greatly reduce the invasion of the virus.

Nano -magnesium oxide is widely used as additives as additives, but its antibacterial, antiviral, flame retardant performance can bring great improvement to human life.

Nano grade magnesium oxide
Nano grade magnesium oxide

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