Research on preparation methods of special silicon steel -grade magnesium oxide

Magnesium Oxide, as an important inorganic chemical product, is mainly used for refractory materials and refining metal magnesium, followed by additives such as rubber, plastics, fuels, reagents, medicines, livestock feed.Although the magnesium ore in my country is rich in reserves, the quality is low.From the current development trend, magnesium oxide products tend to high purification and specialization.Therefore, how to increase the added value of magnesium oxygen has become a top priority.The development of new products to enable magnesium oxide products to be series, functional, and micro -detailed, which can not only meet the needs of various users, but also greatly improve the economic benefits of the industry.

This article studies the preparation of magnesium -grade magnesium oxide, and the light -fired magnesium burned magnesium burned by magnesium ore is used as the raw material. The magnesium carbonate solution is obtained by digestion and carbonate. Silicon steel -grade magnesium oxide. The effects of carbonization time on the concentration of each component separation of immersion, the impact of carbonized solid solid liquid comparison of the immersion rate of magnesium and iron plasma in light magnesium, and the impact of factors such as adsorption temperature and contact time on activated carbon absorbing iron removal, as well as, as well as The impact of acid dosage and time on activated carbon regeneration; the effects of thermal solution temperature, thermal solution time, and thermal decomposition of thermal heating on the product also discussed the particle size and appearance of the product.

The experiment determines the measurement method of the maximum absorption wavelength and magnesium oxide. The appropriate process conditions were determined through the above studies, that is, the carbonized solid solid fluid ratio was 20g/L, and the carbonization time was 60min; at 20 ° C with 20ml (1+1) HCL treatment of 5G activated carbon after 20min, obtained after drying drying, it was obtained after drying. Activated carbon can be reused; at 20 ° C, 500ml carbon disintegration requires 10g of activated carbon adsorption treatment for 80min; thermal solution temperature is 100 ° C, 20 minutes, the temperature increase rate is slow and uniform; Under this condition, magnesium oxide products can be 99.5%in magnesium oxide products, less than 0.09%of calcium oxide content, and iron content of less than 0.05%, and particles with a granularity of more than 5μ of magnesium oxide products reached 72.3%, which is good. Add 0.022g/L to 2.3054g/L boric acid to the magnesium carbonate solution obtained after digestion, carbonization, and deepening. Magnesium oxide requirements for boron content.

Specialty Magnesium Oxide
Specialty Magnesium Oxide

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