Water Treatment Magnesium Hydroxide

Brand: MEIXI
Place of production: CHINA
Weight: 20KG\25KG
Product description: Messi produces high purity magnesia and magnesium hydroxide products used worldwide in environmental, industrial, agricultural and specialty applications.

Wtmag products are non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly, safe and cost-effective treatment options for pH adjustment of potable water. Wtmag is certified by NSF to conform to the requirements of NSF Standard 60 for Drinking Water Chemicals – Health Effects under the categories of pH Adjustment and Coagulation & Flocculation.

water treatment
Drinkingwater treatment

The following benefits make WtMag the smart choice for potable water treatment:


Benefit WtMag Caustic Soda Lime
Easy and safe to handle since non-hazardous and non-corrosive  ✔️️ ❎️ ❎️
Does not cause scaling problems  ✔️️  ✔️️ ❎️
Supplies more CaCO3 alkalinity equivalency / gallon  ✔️️ ❎️ ❎️
Long lasting alkalinity / pH control  ✔️️ ❎️ ❎️
Non-toxic (when used properly), safe for the environment  ✔️️ ❎️ ❎️


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