Wastewater Treatment Modified Magnesium Hydroxide

Brand: Messi
Place of production: CHINA
Weight: 20KG
Product description: Messi Brand Modified magnesium hydroxide comes from China with abundant resources.


Physical Property

Molecular formula of magnesium hydroxide: Mg(OH)2
Molecular weight: 58.32(international standard)
Regular structure: colorless hexagonal crystal
Modified magnesium hydroxide products are mainly used in PE, PP, PVC, PS, etc.
HIPS, PA, PBT, unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, rubber, paint flame retardant filler, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industrial fields; used in plastics, rubber and other high polymer materials excellent retardant and filler, in environmental protection as flue gas desulfurizer, can replace burning and lime as acid-containing wastewater neutralizer; used as oil additives, anti-corrosion and desulfurization for electricity. Subindustries, thermal insulation materials and other magnesium salt products.


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