Magnesium hydroxide for coating

Brand: Messi
Place of production: CHINA
Weight: 20KG
Product description: Messi Brand Magnesium hydroxide for coating comes from China with abundant resources.

Physical Property

Molecular formula of magnesium hydroxide: Mg(OH)2

Molecular weight: 58.32(international standard)

Regular structure: colorless hexagonal crystal

Magnesium hydroxide are mainly used for paint and coatings.

Flame Retardant / Smoke Suppressant

Flame retardants are chemical additives used in plastics, coatings, and other products to inhibit flame sustenance.  Magnesium hydroxide is used with a resin or similar base material as a flame retardant filler.  This magnesia compound is physically mixed with the base material ( and “additive flame retardant”).


The basic mechanisms of retardancy can function in the gaseous and solid phase.  When flame retardant chemicals act in the gaseous phase, they can also suppress smoke.  Magnesium hydroxide is such a retardant.

Our magnesium hydroxide for flame retardancy and smoke suppressant applications is offered under the Messi brand name. 

Messi benefits: 

  • allows inclusion in various polymer types
  • is made synthetically with high purity raw materials
  • decomposes endothermically with release of water which dilutes the fuel supply present in the gas phase and reduces the thermal energy available to degrade the plastic
  • thermally stable
  • is non-halogenated
  • low toxicity [LD50 (oral/rat) > 5,000 Mg/Kg]
  • is non-corrosive as compared to halogen or phosphorous containing flame retardants
  • responds well to surface modifiers


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