On the properties of Magnesium hydroxide decomposition

Reactive magnesium oxide is an important magnesia chemical material, which is widely used as raw material for producing other high purity magnesium compounds. It is used primarily as a promoter and activator of neoprene and fluororubber, as a filler in adhesives, plastics, paints and paper, medicinally as an antacid and laxative, for acid reflux and peptic ulcer; It can be used as ceramic, glass, high-grade thermal insulation material and magnesium oxide cement, etc. .

The high-purity Magnesium hydroxide (> 99%) produced from Salt Lake Brine is the best raw material for large-scale production of high-purity and high-activity magnesia on an industrial scale, conduct the research for this project. The main objective is to understand the decomposition characteristics of high-purity Magnesium hydroxide from salt lake brine and their effects on the activity, specific surface area and crystallization properties of magnesium oxide through laboratory studies, and to develop a production method for magnesium oxide, production equipment and production process lay the theoretical foundation.

The following conclusions have been drawn from experiments and studies:

(1) when the Magnesium hydroxide is heated at a heating rate of 10 â ° C min, the Magnesium hydroxide begins to decompose at 300 â ° C and ends at 480 â ° C.

(2) the heating temperature is the main factor affecting the decomposition rate of Magnesium hydroxide. As the temperature increases, the time required for the Magnesium hydroxide to decompose completely decreases. When the temperature is higher than 550 â ° C, the effect of temperature on the Magnesium hydroxide decomposition rate is not obvious. At 550 â ° C for 10 minutes, the Magnesium hydroxide will decompose completely. At a certain heating temperature, the decomposition rate of Magnesium hydroxide increases with the prolongation of holding time.

(3) heating temperature and holding time have great influence on the activity of mgo. The highest activity of MGO was obtained when the mgo was heated at 550 ° C for 10 min.

High reactive magnesium oxide
High reactive magnesium oxide

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