Messi Biology: deep development of magnesia mineral resources to improve the added value of products

Hydromagnesite is a naturally occurring and widely distributed carbonate mineral worldwide, but large sedimentary hydromagnesite deposits with industrial mining value are very rare worldwide. Although hydromagnesite was discovered a long time ago, it has not been officially reported in China.

In the late 1950s, the mineral was discovered for the first time in China in areas such as Bangor Lake in northern Tibet, and the study showed that the hydromagnesite in this area belongs to the lacustrine chemical sedimentary genesis, at the same time, due to its wide distribution and large reserves, and often directly exposed on the surface, suitable for direct open-pit mining use. However, there is not much theoretical and applied research on this unique mineral resource in China. In terms of mineralogical research, except for some research on the external morphology,

chemical composition, properties, crystal development characteristics and other mineralogical characteristics of the mineral in the late 1980s, no other scholars have been reported on the mineralogical research related to this mine.


In the Tibet Autonomous Region, Naqu Bango Lake area, the current proven reserves of water magnesite nearly 50 million tons, prospective reserves of more than 100 million tons, with obvious resource advantages. Messi Biology actively carry out water magnesite mining work, to expand the value-added products and application fields. 2021 Messi Biology water magnesite raw ore annual production of 100,000 tons, the next three years will maintain the exponential growth rate of development, to 2024 is expected to annual production of water magnesite raw ore exceed 1 million tons. In the next three years, Messi Biology will rely on the advantage of Naqu water magnesite deposit resources, focus on research and development and production of pharmaceutical food, composite materials, aerospace, 5G new materials, composite materials, water talc, flame retardant and other fields, industry demand is strong, broad prospects.

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