Messi Biology accelerates technological innovation and launches domestic magnesium oxide series for thermal conductivity applications

Magnesium oxide is attracting attention in thermal conductivity applications with higher thermal conductivity than alumina, lower hardness than alumina, and lower cost, and spherical powder products are considered as strong contenders for spherical alumina with isotropic and high flow and dispersion. Typical examples of industrialization promotion include Denka’s 2020 launch of a product with a thermal conductivity 1.5 times that of spherical alumina, which is highly sought after by the 5G and new energy vehicle markets.

The potential of magnesium oxide in the field of thermal conductivity, domestic enterprises have also made great efforts to research and development and continue to achieve exciting results. Ltd. (Messi Biology) is a national high-tech enterprise, Hebei Province “SRDI”(Specialized, Refinement, Differential, Innovation) enterprise, national science and technology enterprises, the main business for magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide and other magnesium salt series products production and research, its latest launch of spherical magnesium oxide, single crystal magnesium oxide, hexagonal flake Its latest products are spherical magnesium oxide, single crystal magnesium oxide, hexagonal flake magnesium hydroxide, which can significantly improve the thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, flame retardancy, mechanical properties of the products.

Messi Biology is a one-stop entity from raw material to finished product production control, its subsidiary Tibet Mag Technology Co., Ltd. has the independent development rights of Tibetan Nagqu Bangor Lake water magnesia mine, ore proven reserves of 55 million tons, prospective reserves of 100 million tons, and in the Tibetan-Qingdao Industrial Park built a 10,000-ton water magnesia high-end powder deep processing production line. Up to now, magnesia has brine method, ore method and other production processes, can produce pharmaceutical food grade, high purity nano grade, ordinary industrial grade and other different categories of products, annual output of magnesium oxide products 50,000 tons, magnesium carbonate 30,000 tons, magnesium hydroxide 60,000 tons, magnesium sulfate 10,000 tons; independent research and development of pharmaceutical food grade, high purity nano grade magnesium salt series products, the technical indicators The products can be customized according to the special requirements of the industry, to meet the special needs of various users.

Magnesium oxide is mainly used in medicine and food, metal refining, electronic materials, rubber and plastic, composite materials, optical glass, aerospace, military nuclear industry, auto parts, 5G new materials and other industries. Messi Biology combines the chemical properties of magnesium oxide with its morphology and surface properties, providing a broader scope for the application of special morphology magnesium oxide – the potential applications of spherical magnesium oxide include not only thermal conductivity filler, but also special ceramic preparation and sintering additives, and chromatographic separation filler for alkaline environment, etc.

Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. has also developed magnesium hydroxide and magnesium carbonate series products. Magnesium hydroxide is mainly used as inorganic flame retardant filler, with many advantages such as non-halogen, non-toxic, non-smoke, good thermal stability, non-corrosive, etc. Because of its safety and environmental protection, it has wide application in plastic, rubber, cable and other industries, in addition to food and pharmaceutical grade products can also be used for anti-caking, anti-acid, anti-bacterial filtering aid, etc. In addition to magnesium carbonate as a precursor of magnesium oxide, it is also widely used for filling and reinforcement, thermal insulation, sports anti-slip, food addition, etc.

Founded in 2015, Hebei Messi Biology Co., Ltd. did not suspend the development during the new crown epidemic, but rather the scale was leapfrogged, doubling the business income, including pharmaceutical food, high-purity nano magnesium oxide in the industry is quite famous. Its latest launch of thermal conductivity application magnesium oxide series of new products reflect the speed of enterprise science and technology innovation, but also look forward to industry applications to understand the concern.

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