Magnesium hydroxide: low smoke, low toxic, high -efficiency, halogen -free, multifunctional flame retardant

For the new direction of the types of plastic halogen -free flame retardants and the development of flame retardants, new flame retardants with low smoke, low toxic, high -efficiency, halogen -free, and multi -functional multi -functional development are the main development directions in the country’s magnesium resources are very rich, and the prospects of inorganic flame retardant materials that are suitable for cables, automobiles, electrical appliances, composite materials and other industries are very broad. The flame retardant has great application prospects in the industry.

In addition, the development level of flame retardant materials in my country is not high, especially the high -end markets are basically controlled by foreign companies. The tasks of domestic development and application are very difficult. A new type of environmental protection -grade nanomaterials that can replace imported products abroad have been developed, filling domestic gaps and changing the phenomenon that my country can only rely on imported products in the past.

The super fineness of magnesium hydroxide powder has always been a hot issue. The smaller the particle size of the flames of magnesium hydroxide, the better the flame retardant effect. As the particle size of the hydroxide powder decreases, its surface area will increase, and the surface properties will also change, which will help improve the mechanical properties of the product. Therefore, compared with other channels, the granularity super fineization is more conducive to improving the market competitiveness of the enterprise. The particle size of the powder is easier than other processing channels, which can produce high -quality powder at low cost, and the product is more universal. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the production equipment and innovative technology of ultra -fine powder. The improvement of processing equipment and processes is essential to improve the product level of magnesium flame retardant.

Strengthen the surface activation and modified process equipment of magnesium hydroxide. Selecting excellent surface modifiers and suitable activation technical processes, etc., requires efficient and advanced surface activation processing equipment to match it. It is an essential condition for surface activation and modification of magnesium hydroxide. To this end, it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of continuous activation equipment that improves activation effects and production capacity. At the same time, study the wet treatment process, reduce the consumption of processing treatment, and reduce the cost of activation processing.

Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide
Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide

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