Is magnesium hydroxide a strong alkali?

Magnesium hydroxide is not strong alkali.Strong alkali includes sodium hydroxide, hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide.The judgment basis of strong and weak alkali is that weak alkali is an insoluble or insoluble electrolyte, and the strong alkali that can completely dissolve.However, magnesium hydroxide belongs to medium -strong alkali because it is difficult to dissolve in water, but because of its strong degree of ionization, it belongs to strong electrolyte, so it is classified as a category of strong alkali.

Magnesium hydroxide products are divided into flame retardant, high -pure, pharmaceutical, food grade, etc. from the application; it is divided into pieces, ultra -fine, crystal beard, nano -grade, etc. from the structure.Among them, the development potential is better, magnesium hydrogen oxide and magnesium hydroxide.

1. Magnesic hydroxide

Magnesium -like magnesium oxide can be used as adding flame retardants. The carbonization method is magnesium or white clouds as raw materials. Taking white cloudstone as the raw material, ammonia water as the precipitant and adding the surface modifiers, the hexisanelxyl tritenium bromide, and the water thermal production is magnesium hydroxide. The extraction rate is 90.02%, and the product revenue is 88.21%; the precipitation method is based on the magnesium ore or the white cloud stone as the raw material, and the product is made by burning, immersion, removing miscellaneous, and precipitated. Taking white cloudstone as the raw material, it can be used with hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid to add self -made collateral precipitant and surfactant polyethylene glycol, and the income yield is 85.20%. The acid disintegration method is based on a variety of magnesium minerals as raw materials, and the products are produced through acid solution, deepening, and precipitation. Taking white cloudstone as the raw material, through acidic acidization and destruction of hydrochloric acid, with white cloud lime milk as the sediment, the purity of the product is 98%. Among them, white cloud lime milk is digested through white clouds.

2. Magnesium hydroxide oxide

Magnesium hydroxide can be used as flame retardant components for composite materials. Adding different surface modifiers can change the product size. Taking magnesium hydrochloride solution as the raw material, ammonia as the sediment, the particle size of the product <400nm; adding the self -made surface modifiers, the particle size is 150nm; the polyethylene glycol, the particle size is 89.5nm; Add a self -made surfactant with a particle size of 380nm. These magnesium salt solutions can be soaked after acid -containing mineral acid disintegration or burning. Among them, magnesium chloride solution can be replaced by brine.

3. Magnestes of hydroxide

The magnesium hydroxide is a short -fiber -function material, which is mainly added as a flame retardant and reinforced material to the polymer material. The precipitation method can change the long diameter ratio. Take magnesium chloride solution as raw materials, add alkali and surface modifiers, and water heat synthetic products. Taking sodium hydroxide as the precipitant, propylene glycol as the surfactant, use microwave water heat, 0.1 to 0.3 μm in diameter, 80 to 110 μm in length; use ammonia and sodium hydroxide as the sediment, and acrylic acid as the surface modification Sexual agents, 8-15nm diameter, and 50 to 150nm in length; low -concentration ammonia water and low -concentration of magnesium chloride solution, the product has a good decentralization; the alkaline -type magnesium sulfate crystals must be the front drive, and sodium hydroxide is the precipitation. For potassium, potassium oleate is a surface modifier, the water heat is made of 1 to 2 μm, and a product with a length of 100 to 200 μm; adding the surface modified agent can not reduce the particle size, but it will prevent the magnesium sulfate of alkali sulfate. Magnesium hydroxide crystals must be transformed.

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