How to improve the stability of magnesium carbonate for battery material

The utility model discloses a device for improving the stability of a dypingite used for battery materials, relating to the technical field of battery materials, the upper end of the platform is provided with a demagnetizing machine, and the discharge port of the demagnetizing machine is connected with a lower hopper, the lower end of the feeding hopper is connected with a soft silica gel feeding tube, which is connected with a particle impurity remover, and the next single of the particle impurity remover is connected with a screen net, which is installed on the bracket of the machine through the frame body, the lower right side of the screen screen is provided with a discharge opening connected with a discharge pipe, and the other end of the discharge pipe is connected with the inlet of the homogenizing device.

The utility model has the advantages of less manual intervention, improved working environment, reduced occupational health risk in dust production, simple structure and convenient maintenance, and convenient and fast maintenance in use The invention reduces the pollution of the magnetic impurity brought by the machine and equipment grinding, solves the problem that the magnetic impurity material is added during the demagnetization process, and the mixed magnesium carbonate product, in the same batch or weight of the product magnetic impurities and screening residue impurities content uniformity.

Magnesium Carbonate Light Powder

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