Power Generation

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems

For power plants and industrial companies using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to control backend boiler emissions, UtiliMag H, a high-purity magnesium hydroxide slurry and UtiliMag 40, a high-purity magnesium oxide (MgO) powder can be used to significantly reduce sulfur trioxide (SO3) generated by the boiler and SCR unit as well as opacity emissions and acid plumes related to SO3. UtiliMag H can be added from the superheater section to the SCR

Power generation
Power generation

outlet for SO3 control or to reduce opacity.


UtiliMag H is also effective in neutralizing acidic solutions generated from wet electrostatic precipitators (WESP) and SO2 from flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubbers. UtiliMag 40 can be injected downstream of the SCR to the air heater inlet for effective SO3 removal, corrosion control and opacity treatment. Backend treatment with UtiliMag 40 can also reduce the formation of ammonium bisulfate in the air heater, resulting in less frequent, easier cleanup and elimination of corrosion.