Application of modified Magnesium hydroxide in polypropylene

In China, magnesium hydroxide is a very widely used flame retardant.Although the high filling of magnesium hydroxide will reduce the processing performance of flame retardant materials, it also has a high ability to eliminate smoking.At the same time, after the magnesium hydroxide is modified by cigarette acid, the surface modification of the polar inorganic material is not polar, thereby improving compatibility and improving processing performance.

As one of the five general-purpose plastics, polypropylene has the advantages of chemical resistance, stress cracking resistance, low density, good electrical insulation and good mechanical properties. Secondly, polypropylene is cheap, easy to process, high temperature of thermal deformation, and widely used in various fields.

With the rapid development of daily life, home appliances, automobile and other industries, as well as the adjustment of national policies, the flame retardancy, mechanical strength and other properties of polypropylene put forward higher requirements. Polypropylene with modified Magnesium hydroxide can effectively improve its flame retardancy, but the flame retardancy of Magnesium hydroxide can only be achieved when the mass fraction of filling content is high. However, the mechanical properties and processability of polypropylene will be reduced.

The Magnesium hydroxide is modified by stearic acid. The mechanism is that the basic group on the surface of the inorganic filler interacts with the hydroxyl group of stearic acid (COOH -) to form stearate, which stays on the surface of the inorganic particle, play the role of surface modification. At the same time, the hydrophobic groups extending into the solvent will produce steric hindrance effect and improve the dispersion of particles in the organic solvent. Therefore, the mechanical properties such as plasticity and impact resistance of polypropylene material can be optimized, and the flame retardancy of the material can also be ensured.

Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide
Flame Retardant Magnesium Hydroxide

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