Application of Magnesia in food industry

Food grade magnesium oxide is widely used in the fields of desiccant, bactericide, anti-caking agent, loosing agent and antistaling agent for its excellent properties, however, due to its complex technology, high equipment requirements, energy consumption and high cost. In recent years, some domestic enterprises use brine method to produce food-grade magnesium oxide. The production process of brine method is simple and low-cost, but some properties of magnesium oxide prepared by precipitation method are not as good as those prepared by ore method, and some can not meet the performance requirements of food grade magnesium oxide.

Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. in addition to the rubber application, the focus of its development is for medical food magnesium oxide. In addition to the content of magnesium, the content of impurities and the total number of colonies are required for the preparation of food-grade magnesium oxide. Messi biology research and development in the field has done a sufficient technical reserve.

A typical application of food grade magnesium oxide is the food additive used in thonds of households. The magnesium content determines the quality of the additive. Among the numerous magnesium compounds, magnesium oxide, as a food additive, has special physical and chemical properties because of its special structure and preparation method, which can not be compared with other magnesium compound products, magnesium oxide has unique advantages.

Feng Wenjie, general manager of Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. , had more than ten years of experience in the magnesium salt industry in his early years. He started his own business in 2015 and set up a new company. Now he has also achieved a relatively large scale in the industry, with an annual production capacity of tens of thonds of tons, with industrial applications as the main focus, medical and food grade magnesium oxide is the main direction of attack. At present, Messi Biology actively uses the scientific research strength advantage of domestic scientific research institutions to accelerate product and technology upgrading, the introduction of new technology and international advanced production equipment, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

After years of deep cultivation and precipitation in the magnesia industry, we have reason to believe that, under the leadership of General Feng, Magnesia biology will make full use of its own advantages accumulated over many years of technology, through technological and product innovation, grasp the new technology and advanced production equipment tuyere, guide products to high-end development, play in the pharmaceutical and food-grade magnesium oxide in the field of leading technology and continue to grow strong.

Food Grade Magnesium Oxide

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