Analysis of magnesium oxide industry in China in the first half of 2022

Hebei Messi Biology Co. , Ltd. said that while analyzing the economic situation of the magnesium oxide industry in the first half of 2022 and looking forward to the future, it is necessary for us to make a brief review of the magnesium oxide industry in our country in the past few years in order to deal with the past rationally and look forward to the future.

A few years ago, the magnesium oxide industry of our country realized the historical leap from the initial stage of the market economy to the perfect stage of the market economy through a series of reforms, it has made great progress in many fields, such as system innovation, System Innovation, technology innovation, marketing innovation and so on. From a very unattractive small industry, the development into the world’s attention sunrise industry.

The first half of 2022 is the most difficult year for China’s magnesium oxide industry, which can be summed up in three sentences: stagnation, significant changes and prominent difficulties. It is this rapid development and changes, so that the magnesium oxide industry ushered in a very important period, that is: the market integration period, the convergence of enterprises, the sudden change of the industry and strategic transformation period.

In the first half of 2022, the magnesium oxide industry overcame the pressure of rising raw materials and declining profit margins, and experienced a huge impact of the epidemic. With increasing competition in the market, production fell year-on-year. With the improvement of the quality of economic operation, it shows that the magnesium oxide industry has passed the crisis of survival and started to enter a benign development orbit.


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